Помогите срочно надо !!!!
Change the following sentences from the Active to the Passive voice
1.Mrs jones will teach French and English.
2.Mum has done all the housework
3.A local carpenter made our new furniture
4.The cat is chasing a mouse
5.Ben might redecorate the kitchen
6.By eight o’clock Dad will have lit the bonfire
7.Yesterday morning Mum was watering the plants
8.Thousands of tourists visit the sights of London every year

  • 1 French and English will be taught by Mrs Jones
    2 The housework had done by mum
    3 New furniture was made by a local carpenter
    4 A mouse was chased by cat
    5 The kitchen was redecorated by Ben
    6 The bonfire will be haven  by Dad
    7 The plants were being watered by Mum
    8 The London’s  sights is visited by thousands of tourists